3D Sound – Aurelia Soundworks
Specialists in 3D Sound for Virtual Reality, Film and Gaming.
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Our search to create the most immersive sound experience

It all started with an obsession with sound, a desire to create the most emotive and immersive listening experience possible. 3D audio enables us to enhance your story with stunning detail.


At Aurelia, our proprietary workflow combines new techniques and technology to produce vivid soundscapes in 3D. Mixing in our custom 360° SoundDome gives unprecedented control of positioning, psychoacoustics, room modelling and dramatic elaboration to deliver an immersive experience where every single sound drives emotion.

  • 01 Capture

    Location capture of ambiences, dialogue, impulse responses and spot FX for 3D sound

  • 02 Process

    Preparation and optimisation of assets to enhance 3D audio mix development

  • 03 Design

    Full post-production sound design and soundscape composition process

  • 04 Dome Mix

    Periphonic 3D audio mix in our custom 360° Sound Dome for full sonic resolution

  • 05 Encode

    Delivering stable and consistent results for almost any audio or surround format

01 High definition capture

Capturing location sound for 3D audio, especially for VR and interactive experiences, presents its own unique challenges. We offer a location recording service that captures ambiences, dialogue and reverb impulses in the highest fidelity and with ultimate flexibility for 3D audio post-production.

02 Post Processing

Once all audio elements arrive in the studio, they are processed and optimised for spacialisation. This can involve removing unwanted ambient noises, enhancing particular sonic details, building custom reverbs and room modelling and transcoding field recordings to higher order formats.

03 Post Design

Most projects call for us to go beyond basic capture and editing to bring about the kind of dramatic impact the client is looking for. We use a range of sonic tools to creatively sculpt, enhance and synthesise all of the sonic elements that will be layered together to build a vivid 3D audio scene. This can range from as little as adding extra weight to a character’s footsteps right through to sound designing an entire city in a future world.

04 3D Sound Dome Mix

The Aurelia Sound Dome is a true 360° immersive mix environment. Through years of testing and experimentation we have found this to be the most consistent and effective way to create 3D audio mixes that are spatially precise, sonically immersive and stable across any different surround format we choose to deliver in.

05 Spatial Audio Encoding

Once we have created a final mix in the dome we are ready to export and deliver in almost any audio format required, including stereo, binaural, 3rd order Ambisonics, Dolby 5.1, and many more. This flexible approach also effectively future-proofs the project for any subsequent formats that may be introduced.