Sound Design & Score – Aurelia Soundworks
Music for Virtual reality, Film and Gaming.
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Designing Worlds with sound


Whether creating cinematic VR, Film, Games or Installations, sound design is what really breathes life into a scene. The sound design palette may include foley elements, ambiences or synthesised effects, and when used creatively can convey hidden dynamics and emotions that may not appear visually. Our sound design team has worked on features, animated shorts and everything in between, with the primary goal of creating a dynamic and immersive listening environment. Sound Design can take on an extra importance in Virtual Reality, providing audio cues to lead the viewer around the 360º visual plane.

Scoring for Picture


Aurelia’s award winning music composers have been writing bespoke scores for film and TV for over 10 years. The team is stylistically diverse and can create the right tone in any genre, whether it’s experimental sound art, electronica, classical music or hip hop. Our composers work closely with directors to ensure the artistic vision is maintained throughout and that projects run smoothly from start to finish. As well as mixing for film and TV, Aurelia has extensive experience at mixing sound in 3D for ambisonic speaker arrays and binaural.